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JLR India begins “electrification journey” with launch of Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar I-PaceWhen a country seeks to mandate technological change, the prescient corporations adapt quickly to new conditions. This week’s announcement of the release of the fully-electric SUV Land Rover I-Pace in India is seen as an early and effective way into a potentially massive market.

The timing couldn’t be better for JLR’s announcement. Earlier this month, the Indian national government announced a new initiative to encourage the development and sales of electric vehicles in the country, with the goal in part attracting some $14 billion in outside investment within the next five years. According to a Reuters report, “the plans envisage $8 billion of incentives for carmakers and suppliers.”

Sales and distribution of the I-Pace will include India-based Tata Motors Ltd., particularly installation of chargers. JLR representatives have promised that 19 cities in the country will be electric vehicle charge-ready by time the I-Pace is fully released in early 2022.

Jaguar Land Rover India (JLRIL) president/managing director Rohit Suri said, “Jaguar I-Pace is the first all-electric SUV that we’ve launched in India and it marks the beginning of our electrification journey. With our electrified products we look forward to playing a significant role in India’s electrification drive into the future.”