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If you’ve arrived on this page of, You’ve more than likely discovered the downside to Land Rover ownership – for despite all the awesomeness you may find in the Land Rover’s various makes and models, longevity is not a feature baked into your favorite vehicle. As a Land Rover owner, you are all but guaranteed to experience outages, malfunctions and flat-out breakdowns after just a few years and/or 50,000 miles or so.

Don’t believe us? Start searching the internet, and the sad truth soon sinks in: In innumerable forums and auto-centric website Q&As, current or former Land Rover owners reel off litanies of complaints about their troubles with the vehicle’s various systems. Such diatribes typically end with snarky advice to buy something from Honda or Toyota instead. Even those who loquaciously defend the Land Rover’s virtues are forced to admit that expenses for spare parts can run outrageously high.

The numbers tend to bear out the pessimists on the Land Rover, too. Just to cite one example, a 2012 study of some 50,000 warrantied vehicles in the UK showed that a whopping 71% of Land Rovers *broke down an average of once per year* after three years; this result was enough for the study’s compilers to drop objectivity and describe the figure as “shocking”. Whether or not the detractors are completely accurate – and the sheer volume of negative remarks on the subject is rather indicative – they’ve ultimately earned Land Rovers an absolutely brutal reputation with regard to spare parts and repair work.

The point here: If you want to own a Land Rover long-term, you’ll want to know where spare parts can be gotten, potentially in a harry. And while you could become a regular at your local Auto Zone, Pep Boys or Advance Auto Parts outlet, those shops are naturally limited to what’s in stock. So must he/she looking for Land Rover spare parts turn to that which everyone does: the internet.

Not only does MediaLandRover aggregate all the up-to-date news and information on Land Rovers, spare parts manufacture and availability from quality-tested sources, we’ve also got direct connections to purchasing the full range of needed items for the Defender; the Discovery 1, 2, 3 and 4; the Freelander 1 and 2; the Range Rover Classic, Evoque, L232, L405, P38 and sport editions.

The most problematic areas within the Land Rover (and therefore the systems the Land Rover owner will be addressing with spare parts and repairs) are the suspension and the electrical/electronic components. This latter problem can at least be positively spun in that repairs in electric/electronic is usually fairly simply done; on the negative side, losing rear cameras, power rearview mirrors, parking sensors or any of those other neat doodads is a bummer at best.

But Land Rover owners will press on through the fritzings-out and the glitches, with those fairly regular repairs just another purchase for maintaining the beautiful vehicle. Love can be fickle and demanding, but at least when a Land Rover is involved, troubles are easily smoothed over with one or two spare parts – and you’re off again!